Louisiana Private Investigator Files Complaint with US Postal Service

Don’t mess with Louisiana private-eye Stephanie Ware. She received a ticket in the mail with the phrase “official government business” on the envelope. After further investigation she determined that the company who sent this notice was a non-governmental entity. This raised red flags for Stephanie and also for the US Postal Service. It is possible that this company may have violated a statute prohibiting mail that implies a false connection with the federal government as (39 USC Section 3001).

As a result of Stephanies complaint, it is being reported that the United States Postal Inspection Service is now collecting evidence to determine whether a photo enforcement vendor violated mail fraud statutes.

The Louisiana State Board of Private Investigator Examiners is also currently investigating whether Redflex has violated a state law requiring a private investigator licenses for anyone in the business of providing photographic evidence for use in court cases.

If you have been the victim of a similar notice by this company you can join the fight by visiting ReportRedflex.com


4 thoughts on “Louisiana Private Investigator Files Complaint with US Postal Service

  1. Find ’em, chase ’em, sink ’em, the motto of the USS Gutcheon a WWII. sub. Glad to see that spirit is alive and well in America.

    Though I am busy starting a company, which will have its home office in another state, I admire courage whereever it resides. For your efforts in fighting tyrany, you are to be commended.

  2. You go stephanie .I am proud of you for fighting for what is right .If thier is anything you are needing to help your efforts let us know.

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