~ Louisiana legislation affects private investigators ~

There are two House bills in the Louisiana legislature that could curtail the work of private investigators and subject them to torts, even when operating at the direction of an attorney.

HB51 amends the anti-stalking law, changing the language to a less explicit definition of stalking that could snare a PI conducting a legal surveillance.

Stalking is the [former language: willful, malicious,] [replaced with: intentional] and repeated following or harassing of another person that would cause a reasonable person to feel alarmed or to suffer emotional distress.

HB45 will require PIs to notify the police prior to conducting an investigation (which is not defined).

Provides that private investigators shall furnish certain information to the police or sheriff prior to beginning an investigation.

Prior to passing any stupid law the legislature should be required to notify their constituents, so they can be voted out of office.


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