~ law firm supports privacy representative ~

Do you want to influence the outcome of the “Information Protection and Security Act” (H.R.1080), sponsored by Rep. Edward Markey? His largest contributor is the law firm Piper Rudnick LLP, which contributed $30,000 to Markey.

H.R. 1080 defines information broker.

The term “information broker” means a commercial entity whose business is to collect, assemble, or maintain personally identifiable information for the sale or transmission of such information or the provision of access to such information to any third party, whether such collection, assembly, or maintenance of personally identifiable information is performed by the information broker directly, or by contract or subcontract with any other entity.

Here’s one of the broad, unexamined provisions that would add to the FTC regulations.

allowing an individual the right to obtain disclosure of all personally identifiable information pertaining to the individual held by an information broker, and to be informed of the identity of each entity that procured any personally identifiable information from the broker; [SEC. 3. REGULATION BY FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION. (a)(B)]


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