~ ingredients in the mind of a terrorist ~

Joe Navarro has a friendly enough face that you could enjoy listening to him for two and a half hours at the upcoming California Association for Licensed Investigators conference, in Reno, June 22-24. Oh, he’s also an FBI expert in counterintelligence and counterterrorism, and teaches behavioral analysis and nonverbal communications to law enforcement. His topic for the conference is, The Psycho Pathology of a Terrorist. You know you want to hear this, even if Mr. Navarro’s hair is too short.
Navarro has been quoted in news and blogs, where he questioned the abusive interrogation tactics used on some detainees at Guantanamo Bay.

Joe Navarro, a former FBI (news – web sites) interrogator who has taught questioning methods and is familiar with Guantanamo, said treating prisoners poorly makes them more stubborn and unwilling to talk.
“The military has been cavalier in their attitudes toward these individuals to the point that it has been detrimental to the overall mission,” Navarro told AP.

He’s also a featured writer of many articles in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin.


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