~ illinois representative proposes domestic violence database ~

PI News Link previously reported on the Tennessee online database of convicted meth sellers and forecast a trend toward more criminal information and tools for manipulating that data appearing on the Internet. The pace is increasing. Illinois is considering a proposal to make the identities of those convicted of domestic violence available on the Internet. Most of us are now familiar with the government-operated national sex offender database, which combined with the Google open source mapping utility has spawned the site mapsexoffenders.com. I amuse myself with thoughts of future maps on which we can simultaneously plot the residential addresses of corporate criminals and politicians. How far apart are they?

At the same time that all this Internet snooping has expanded Illinois has made it possible for some convicted of crimes to have their records sealed. It’s a mixed up crazy world…

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2 thoughts on “~ illinois representative proposes domestic violence database ~

  1. No matter how developed we people are, no matter how we are establishing new industries like, IT, currency trading , finance, or no matter how we are progressing globally. But if our womens, our children are not safe even in their own house it would be the matter of shame for us.If you think you are in an abusive relationship, you can go to a number of people for help. Be careful, however, to keep your search a secret from your abuser.

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