Illinois legislation creates online meth database

The Illinois legislature has approved a measure to establish a Methamphetamine Manufacturer Database that will be accessible through the Illinois State Police website. SB 2915, the Methamphetamine Manufacturer Registry Act, is outlined in the bill summary.

…identifying methamphetamine manufacturers and making that information available to law enforcement and the general public. Provides that the Department of State Police must make the information contained in the Statewide Methamphetamine Manufacturer Database accessible on the Internet by means of a hyperlink labeled “Methamphetamine Manufacturer Information” on the Department’s World Wide Web home page.

Provides that the Department of State Police must update that information as it deems necessary. Provides that the Department of State Police must promulgate rules in accordance with the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act to implement these provisions and those rules must include procedures to ensure that the information in the database is accurate, and that the information in the database reflects any changes based on the reversal of a conviction for an offense requiring inclusion in the Methamphetamine Manufacturer Database, or a court order requiring the sealing or expungement of records relating to the offense.

The Chicago Sun Times reports on the story.


3 thoughts on “Illinois legislation creates online meth database

  1. Confused,
    I agree with your premise that singling out meth dealers and not crack, heroin or other drug dealers isn’t fair but and there is a big but here. If you read the language of the act, PA 94-0831 (SB 2915) you will see that the “requirement” for the inclusion in the database is anyone convicted under section 15 of PA 94-0556, Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act. Section 15 describes conviction for “Manufacturing”, not using or dealing.

  2. Why are they only putting people with a meth crime? What about the crack, herion, or any other drug dealers? For some reason this doesn’t seem fair to me. I was convicted and I have done my time. I understand the sex offenders being listed and that is a way different thing.

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