~ Identity Crisis: Are The Real Problems Of Identity Theft Overshadowed By The Hype? ~

Allie Gottlieb puts the problem of identity theft in perspective in TheWaveMagazine, exploring the myth that identity fraud is on the increase.

FTC Spokesperson Claudia Farrell says complaints of identity theft only seem to be growing. “We don’t know if there has been a growth in the number of crimes,” Farrell says. FTC studies “would suggest that identity theft is not increasing. Consumer awareness may be increasing.” Read the article

Private investigator’s have not contributed to aggravating problem but are integral to resolving complaints. Gottlieb quotes testimonials from PI’s who located heirs, found kidnapped children and freed the innocent from death row – all due to the availability of the social security number.

The absolutist position of extremists in the privacy protection community harms individuals, the courts and business. Let’s hope the states’ legislatures and the U.S. Congress can see through the fog to the obvious: we want to assist in protecting the public. Mike Dores owner of Merlin Information Systems points out Congress may go too far and actually cause more harm than good.

“There has to be an understanding that all the identity theft data that the privacy guys are worried about is all regulated,” he said during a phone conversation. “But to make it illegal because somebody steals it would be the same thing as making hammers illegal because somebody hits you over the head with one.”


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