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I’m a big fan of Steve Morse’s advanced Social Security Death Index, one of the many search tools that he’s crafted and made available. Morse has added two new tweaks to other databases that increase their functionality. One he calls a birthday finder, the other helps to fill out a partial date of birth. The date of birth finder, which searches the privateeye.com database (the interface looks like Intelius or Zabasearch), allows for a first name only search. It also returns associates. [Reported by Genealogy and How]

Morse describes just how his search tool revs up the databases:

When using the One-Step form, the birthdates of the people found are displayed on the results page. When using the privateeye.com site directly, the results sent back include the birthdates but these dates are not displayed.

From the One-Step form you can search on just the year of birth and leave the month and day blank. If you do this from the privateeye.com site directly, you will get no results.

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