~ homeland secure from leftists but not rightists ~

The Congressional Quarterly reports on a curious Department of Homeland Security decision in, Animal Rights Groups and Ecology Militants Make DHS Terrorist List, Right-Wing Vigilantes Omitted. Homegrown acts of politically motivated violence span the spectrum from the ideological left to the right but Homeland Security has limited its domestic terrorist list to left leaning groups, excluding right-wing ones, such as, white supremacist and anti-government groups that have caused the death of hundreds of Americans.

Domestic terror experts were surprised the department did not include right-wing groups on their list of adversaries.

“They are still a threat, and they will continue to be a threat,” said Mike German, a 16-year undercover agent for the FBI who spent most of his career infiltrating radical right-wing groups. “If for some reason the government no longer considers them a threat, I think they will regret that,” said German, who left the FBI last year. “Hopefully it’s an oversight.”


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