~ hawaii online court site – closes for upgrade ~

The Hawaii Judiciary website, which provides a database of circuit, family and certain district court civil case records will not be operational until November 4, due to a system upgrade. [The website actually gives different dates: Unavailable Sunday 10/23/05 8AM to 9AM (Hawaii Standard Time) and for the period from 10/28/05 4PM to 10/31/05 6:30AM (HST)]

When the new computer system is operational on Nov. 7, the public will be able to access case information as far back as 1994 via the Web site, www.courts.state.hi.us. Certified abstracts will contain information about moving violations dating back to 1994, which is a change from the current practice of providing only three years of data.

When fully phased in over the next several years, the new system will unify all the state’s appellate, circuit, family and district courts through a single database. Read all about it

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