~ georgia editorial on choicepoint gets it wrong ~

Those of you in the fine state of Georgia may want to contact the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about an editorial advocating the elimination of data aggregation. Huh. What Stone Age, anti-democratic planet are these people living on? And they’re journalists. Well, actually, the author is probably a capitalist manager, pushing the advertising vehicle called a newspaper, which also has journalists writing for it. What am I steamed up over? Read this short editorial.

Here’s the real low-wattage conclusion:

The better solution would be to prohibit companies such as ChoicePoint from warehousing personal information in the first place, since security has proved so problematic. Computerized collections of consumers’ Social Security numbers, credit information, driving histories, medical and court records may make commerce more efficient, but they also present appealing targets to crooks.

Contact the editors, do some educating and propose an article with a counter view.

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