From Atlanta to Australia, Lady PI’s Insure You Get “Busted”

From Atlanta to Australia, Lady PI’s Insure You Get “Busted”

In a world where everyone tries to find a niche business opportunity, the lady private investigators of “Busted” have become internationally recognized as the all-female private eye agency based out of Marietta, Georgia metro area.

Stacy Fandos, a former airline stewardess, is the latest Busted recruit working on a case in Australia. The 41 year old mother of three doesn’t look like a typical private investigator, yet she is amongst a fast growing trend in female PI’s.

Busted was the brain child of Jeanene Weiner, 43, a mother of two. While it wasn’t her intention to start an all-woman investigative agency, it soon became obvious that her clients found it to be extremely beneficial.

“While there are no formal statistics as to the exact number of female investigators in the United States, there has been has been an obvious increase of women entering the investigative profession,” states Jimmie Mesis the Editor-in-Chief of PI Magazine. “I would estimate that women represent approximately 15% of all the private investigators in the US.”


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  1. I went to college to be a private investigator but found that no one would hire me because of no experience. I did do excellent in my practicum, and I found this very discouraging. Not being able to continue. As I had spent 12,000.00 on my education. Now it has been 9 years that have past and I really miss the challenges of investigations. Can anyone offer me some advice as to how I can get a job in this field. Thank you.

  2. I agree with Theresa – you might label Mr. Coffey an ‘advisor’, but he has been a private investigator for a long time and looks like he is licensed with Busted.


  3. This is in response to “Teresa”. Just to clarify a few points ~ Patrick Coffey is the corporate license holder for “Busted”. He is not an investigator for the company, but is our advisor. Bruce Weiner is not an investigator, he is my husband and is listed on the corporate charter (as is Pat Coffey). Haywood Cooper has not worked for our company since summer 2005 and is no longer employed by Busted, but the state has not yet released his name in association with our company. I apologize for any confusion this has caused you. Also, the article above states that Stacy Fandos was working on a case in Australia ~ well she has never worked as a PI outside of Georgia. As a matter of fact, we were not aware that this newspaper was even doing an article about us. You can’t believe everything you read!

  4. Way to go ladies! I too am a Private Investigator in the state of Idaho and I love my work. Most of it I do for free as I believe in what I do and I want those who need to be busted and caught off the streets. I do a lot of online work for my clients, but will surely hit the road when duty calls! : ) Plus no one really suspects women (yet) of being P.I’s., and I know no one would guess I’m one, LOL : ) Plus I keep it hush-hush and only a few very close friends know what I do and my hubby. Keep up the good work ladies!

    May God bles us all & keep us safe while we do our work! : )
    Most Sincerely,
    Rev. Shelley, P.I.

  5. Busted is not all “all-woman” private investigative agency. Look under, Professional Licensure, Facility verification, I see that there is a
    Patrick Earl Coffey and
    Haywood L Cooper
    It is also interesting to call this an “all-woman” PI agency when the CFO is Bruce Weiner and the Secretary is Patrick Coffey. These guys are not just employees who do whatever, they are licensed to be private investigators. Office staff does not require a PI license. To proclaim to be an “all-woman” agency and to actually be a “all-woman” private investigation business are very different.

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