Florida legislation will alter court files

Florida Senate bill 2366, An act relating to public records, will remove social security numbers from court filed judgments, replacing them with the person’s date of birth.

Removes the social security number of each person against whom a final judgment is rendered and replaces it with the person’s date of birth. Provides that if confidential and exempt information is or has been included in a court file or in a document filed as an official record, the information may be included as part of the court record or official record available for public inspection and
copying unless redaction is requested by specified individuals. Requires the individual requesting redaction to designate the statutory citation making the information confidential and exempt. Requires that after a specified date, a person who files a document with the clerk of the court must redact any information the person deems confidential and exempt by state or federal law before filing the document with the clerk of the court.

The Florida First Amendment Foundation lists the 2006 legislation they are tracking, as well as past bills, many of which directly impinge on information researchers, private investigators and genealogists.

Other bills will add new classes of people whose personnal information must be redacted from court files.


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