Find gun permit owners

The law enforcement departments that track gun permit holders are not keeping their records current, according to an article on permits issued to New York pistol owners. The newspaper had posted the names and addresses of licensees in two New York counties. Now, New York State and Westchester and Rockland counties gun permit owners can be found at another site.

The Argus Leader removed a database from its website in 2006 of all weapon permit holders in South Dakota, which the newspaper obtained just before a state law made those names confidential in July 2006. A database is searchable of Tennessee handgun permit holders.

The Ohio Attorney General has a database of concealed carry weapon instructors that can be searched statewide by name. Select “unknown” from the alphabetical county list (just after Union) to search statewide. Results include the instructor’s telephone number.

Concealed carry laws; and here is a chart of the states that have public access to concealed carry lists.


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