Find a Linkedin Cached Profile

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Is this a familiar result when you search for a Linkedin profile and want to view the cached version? There’s no drop-down arrow following the link to choose in order to view the cached page. Link cached arrow Here’s how to find a Linkedin cached profile (it may be an older iteration) without sending a notification to the account holder that someone has viewed their profile.

Hover linkHover your mouse over the link. 
Right click on your mouse and select “Copy Link Location.”
Open an incognito tab in Google Chrome and paste the link into the address bar.

Chrome incognito-pasted link

Find the incognito selection in the upper right corner of the browser. Then click Find incognito on “New incognito window.”

After you paste the link in the address bar, hit your keyboard “return” key and you’ll be taken to the cached version of the Linkedin profile.


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