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[UPDATED April 2014]

Investigators know where to go to get our hands on a particular school yearbook. Sometimes they’re found at the school or the local library. But don’t discount state libraries and archives, and state and local historical societies in your search. For example, the Nevada State Historical Society posts a list of the school yearbooks it retains onsite. The librarians in these organizations know their collections quite well and are enormously helpful. When I’ve needed more indepth research at a particular institution, I’ve become a member (the fee is minimal) and received hundreds of dollars worth of essential research. Here’s a example of one way to search more broadly to find school yearbooks. See other sources for yearbooks online at Genealogy Links and Databases.


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  1. hi my name is Michael and i am searching for a tc walker elementary from gloucester va 2007-2008 yearbook so i can get back in contact with a friend and i cannot get one from the school since it was closed in 2012 so if anyone can help thank you.

  2. Hi my name is isaiah Zuniga and im looking for a 2008-2009 yearbook. I attended Northmead Elementary school If you could find my yearbook and send me a link or picture via email that would be great.

  3. hey am cinthia rodriguez and i attended douglas county high school in douglasville ga and am looking for a 2007 2008 yearbook

  4. Hey , my name is Jada and I went to park elementary in Brooklyn Park , Maryland . The year was 2005/2006 , this is my fourth grade year and my fifth grade year was 2006/2007. Please help thanks .


  6. Elementary schools produce student/parent directories and school newsletters. These are ephemeral but may be retained by the school library. Call the school for this. Small elementary schools don’t usually publish yearbooks. You may find names of classmates on the website Classmates or at Facebook.

  7. can any one find the stafford elementary yearbook from 2000 to 2005 i am trying to find an old friend from when i went there and am depressed because i cant find them any where.  plz plz plz help me out i would owe you my life. to any one who can help thanks

  8. can any one find a elementary school year book for stafford in va fro 200 to 2005 i am trying to find an old friend and they mean alot to me but i was so young i cant remember the years i was in the same class and i didnt have the sence to try and stay in touch but now im depressed that i cant find them any where. plz plz help thank you verry mouch

  9. hey im looking for a year book from Parkside Middle School Manchester NH between the years of 2001-2006

  10. Hi my name is Zoey and I was train to faind a friend that goes to Parkside Middle School in the years of 2008-2010, in Manasass, Virvinia

  11. Hi my name is Lejla Brackan and I attended Bonham Elemantary years 2001-2005 and I want my yearbook
    its in Houston,Texas 77074.

  12. Hey wuts up, I would like to find the 2006-2007 yearbook for F.M Black Middle School.
    Located in Houston Texas.

  13. hello my name is Dalal ALotaibi i relly want to find my yearbook …
    north elemantry school WV …
    year 1996-1997-1998..

  14. hello my name is cindy lemus i am intristed in finding my mid- school year book for the years 1998-1999-2000 for new river middle in ft, lauderdale florida

  15. Please find 98 to 2008 yearbook in Meadowiew middle school. I tried find. Please I m colleting yearbook

  16. Find school yearbooks for high schools (most aren’t on the Web) at the high school library, the city library, the local historical society or the state archives. Find other people who went to the same school during your years, see if they have a yearbook. These folks are collecting yearbooks from Oklahoma schools:

    Elementary schools may not have produced a school roster, but there may be class photos. Find those at the school, the local library or historical society. Small town schools may have had class photos published in the local newspaper.

    Most states define public records to encompass school directory information — student names, years of attendance — which may be available through the school district administration.

  17. I am sorry I am looking for the yearbooks for my wife and I accidently put in the wrong years. Moore Highschool, Oklahoma City, OK
    for years 1987,86,85 and 1984. I apologize for this wrong inquiry, but please help me!!

  18. Hello, My name is William Allen Cobb (Bill). I attended Gilbert Elementary in Cleveland Ohio between 1974 and 1977. I am interested in finding year books for those years.

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