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Go to the end of this post for an important message about nationwide criminal searches.

Private investigators, attorneys and reporters, working in legal and political arenas, are charged with finding out whether their subject has been naughty or nice. If he, (at the most shes are only 12 percent of the incarcerated) has been charged with a crime, how can you find out?

VineLink is a good free source, useful if you know the locale in which to search. To find all the criminal search links that searchsystems lists for California, go to the advanced search page and enter your terms: Match all keywords: criminal; Match any keyword: california; Without keywords: sex (if you don’t want to get sex offenders). Link to the free searchable inmate databases that each state maintains. Links to state and county inmate locators are here.

This free database claims to retrieve “Fugitives with Warrants, Missing Persons, Unsolved Crimes, Unidentified Suspects, Criminal Histories”.

I know you’re tired of hearing about the sex offender databases. Let’s face it, not many of the people we’re doing criminal checks on fall into this category. Anyway, if this is what you want, search by offender name across all the state sites, in one search.

That’s the free stuff. Add a comment if you want to read a posting on low cost criminal databases.


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