Employment verification service modifies access

The Work Number is an online repository for employment history that is often the only route to verify past employment. Many companies have eliminated in-house verification in favor of an outside contractor, which doesn’t have access to the kind of details one might get from a live person. The Work Number has sent its subscribers a notice that its service may become more restrictive.

Soon, you will notice a few changes to The Work Number that enhance the service within the guidelines of The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). These changes support our position as an industry leader in data privacy and security. You won’t find these changes a burden. They add only a few seconds to the process of obtaining a verfication without altering the navigation that you are already used to.

Among other safeguards, the FCRA establishes a standard set of Permissible Purposes – or valid reasons – that someone can request and use a consumer’s information. Being asked to choose a “Permissible Purpose” as part of your order process will probably be the most obvious change you see in our service.


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