~ Electronic Access, Privacy and Sealing Court Records ~

Far from the politico’s pulpit in D.C. emerges a deadly detailed blueprint of the near future debate that we will face in the State legislatures and Congress on sealing court records. A Minnesota Supreme Court advisory group recently issued report on public access to court records reveals the challenges that lay ahead for investigators. Read the pdf document

Wired News examines the Minnesota situation and the redacting of information from Florida Court records.

The National Center for State Courts links to the individual States’ pages for searching court records and their policies on public access. Then navigate to the Federal links to see case law and policy papers on electronic access, privacy and sealing court records.

And, want to engage in more blogging discussion on privacy and open government? Add to my posting at Dennis Bailey’s site, The Open Society Paradox (which is also his book title), where he comments on issues and technology related to privacy and open access.


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