District of Columbia Court redacts dates of birth from criminal index

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) discovered that Superior Court Chief Judge Rufus King ordered the removal of dates of birth from the criminal index. No formal order has been issued.

Yesterday, the Superior Court, District of Columbia, began removing dates of birth from its criminal index system. Now, the electronic court index lists only names and case numbers, with a blank column for the dates of birth. The court index, which encompasses cases as far back as 1978, is rendered virtually useless for background screening or criminal case verification.

The unfounded concern for identity theft is cited by other courts as the basis for truncating or removing the date of birth information from public records.

Direct your concerns to Judge King:

The Honorable Rufus G. King III
Chief Judge
Superior Court, District of Columbia
500 Indiana Ave. #3500
Washington, DC 20016

202-879-1600 (tel)
202-879-7830 (fax)

UPDATE: June 28: The court has temporarily reinstated the date of birth field in the criminal index, pending further consideration.


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