Database of the Day: New York Voter Registration Lookup

It’s the season when government agencies attend to their voter registration online access. Election time presents a good opportunity to call people for information gathering. I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but in the interim check the New York Voter Registration Search at the NYS Voter site, operated by the New York Board of Elections. A search to confirm voter registration status requires first and last name, date of birth, county and zip code.

There may be less demand for this service, but South Dakota Secretary of State Voter Registration Portal has added voter lookup by name and date of birth.


One thought on “Database of the Day: New York Voter Registration Lookup

  1. This info is generally available from IRB type databases. But any additional tools, such as this, are always welcome. You additionally need the county of the persons residence to run the search. I ran one on myself and several family members. Seems accurate except for party affiliation, which actually may be a good thing.

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