Database of the Day: Missouri Department of Corrections

The Missouri Department of Corrections unveiled its offender search database last month.The site is down due to technical difficulties but will hopefully be accessible soon.

The offender search link includes the offender’s name, DOC ID number, race, sex, date of birth, assigned location, sentence summary, active offenses, completed offenses and any aliases.

The Missouri Supreme Court has once again concluded that people whose criminal convictions did not require them to register as sex offenders cannot later be included in the sex offender registry. An unknown number of names will be trimmed from the current database.

John Hotz, a spokesman for the Missouri Highway Patrol, which maintains the sex offender registry, said officials will now have to comb through the more than 7,000 names on the registry to determine who is affected.

After last year’s ruling, the state determined that more than 3,800 names were on the list for crimes committed before 1995, Hotz said. The state continues to allow information about those prior offenders to be published.


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