Database of the Day: Free bankruptcy search

UPDATE: The free bankruptcy search that I previously mentioned in this post has been discontinued, therefore I deleted the post. The best, most complete source for bankruptcy case searches by name or Social Security number is the one operated by the federal courts. PACER is a low cost service, an online index and document repository of all cases in participating courts.

Visit this federal government site for a glossary of bankruptcy terms.


7 thoughts on “Database of the Day: Free bankruptcy search

  1. hi im calvin.. i want to know on this name is bankcrupcy or not. the name is Tai Mui Fook his history work company at senyum sdn.bhd. and milimewa superstore s/b at sabah. please check for me if he these as above is his nickname or true name..


  2. It found everything for me – and it’s a lot faster in my opinion. I really like the Courthouse Direct bankruptcy search function.

  3. I did a search, selecting the filing state, inputing a first name only and searching for cases in May 2007. Five different states all returned records, filed as recently as May 14, 2007. This compliments prior searches I did with first and last name searching by filing state.

  4. I ran several names on the BK web site mentioned and came up with no record found but I know all these have filed BK recently.

    I just wanted to give you the BTW.

    good luck

    Jeff Bachtle

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