~ data breach bill moves to the senate judiciary committee ~

The U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary is scheduled to hear and possibly revise a bill to add criminal penalties to releases of personal identifying information. Senate Bill 1789, Personal Data Privacy and Security Act of 2005 requires notification to consumers of data breaches if there’s a reasonable expectation that the personal identifiers could be used in an identity theft. This bill is scheduled for a vote tomorrow, Thursday, October 6. Read an article

The bill places an enormous burden on data brokers and may require companies selling data to third parties to purge records disputed as inaccurate.

(A) IN GENERAL.–If, after any review of public record information under paragraph (1) or any investigation of any information disputed by an individual under paragraphs (2) through (4), an item of information is found to be inaccurate or incomplete or cannot be verified, a data broker shall promptly delete that item of information from the individual’s personal electronic record or modify that item of information, as appropriate, based on the results of the investigation.

Could this lead to the removal of address and associates information that is not completely correct but may provide useful leads in an investigation? Read the portion of the bill pertaining to data brokers


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