ChoicePoint ever shifting also delivers some free online tools

There are many tasks that computers can do better than the mere shoe leather on the road. Today’s New York Times reports on research suggesting that computers make more accurate choices in decision making than company managers or human intuition. The companies that develop systems to aggregate disperate bits of relevant personal information and make it easily accessible win the day with investigators. ChoicePoint, among other investigative database providers, has recognized the value of computer software and content acquisition in employment screening, background investigations and financial profiling.

The company has recently absorbed established businesses in vital records management and financial tracking software, keeping tabs on financial borrowers’ activity (epolicy, Inc. too).

Information-service provider ChoicePoint is looking to expand its insurance-verification services with the acquisition yesterday of Insuratec Inc.

Danville, Calif.-based Insuratec notifies lenders of changes to borrowers’ auto, mortgage, motorcycle, and watercraft insurance policies.

The mega data broker has sloughed off businesses outside of this model — such as a DNA lab.

The ChoicePoint division, ChoiceTrust, has an online site where you can instantaneously retrieve free profiles of your auto and home insurance. A self-check of public records data is available by mail.


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