California and Nationwide Traffic Citation Records

Even if you don’t need to identify traffic citations for your subject, a citation database places your subject in a region on a specific date.

Monterey County, California has a traffic citation database separate from the court case traffic index that you can search by name and date of birth. Supply the driver license number to check the traffic ticket payment system for violations and the date when traffic school was completed.

Search by name with a date of birth at the San Mateo County site to locate active citations.

A jurisdiction’s traffic citation payment site may require a case docket number or a citation number and some government agencies contract with commercial payment services, which have varying field input requirements. The government agencies may specify that citation information can only be retrieved with a citation number. But Fresno State, for example, allows a search by license plate number.

Another commercial site has the option of finding a citation by vehicle plate and state.

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