~ business databases direct from your government ~

All 50 states have business related public records online, to varying degrees. Kathy Biehl at LLRX provides an updated summary of the source and types of records the county and state governments make available. She includes links organized by state.

While this is informative and conveniently located in one place, there’s a gaping need in the field of free public records online searching: the public records search engine. Wouldn’t it be a giant leap for investigator kind if we could simultaneously search within multiple public records indexes? This would be akin to the search mechanism provided by commercial services, such as that of Merlindata. The public agencies, their online indices and any search engines can’t supplant the benefits of the online fee services.

But free is the future. As I wrote in an earlier post, there is one company that is in the infancy of developing just such a public records search engine. But the limitations of bandwidth keep the full possibilities just beyond our reach.


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