Australian Private Investigators Hired to Have Sex at Brothels

A number of local town councils in Australia have reportedly paid thousands of dollars to private investigators to visit brothels in an effort to gather evidence.

“But honey, I was just doing my job…really!” ( a ‘divorced’ PI)

It’s hard to beleive, but many community leaders have found that hiring private investigators to infiltrate and pose as regular bloks to determine if illegal brothels are operating within their jurisdiction.

Since local police can not “go all the way” to get the evidence to catch these prostitution locations and promoting unprotected sex, PIs have become the latest tool in fighting this growing problem.

However, a member with the Sydney’s Willoughby Council says it is worrying councils have had to pay private investigators to have sex with prostitutes, so they can gather enough evidence to shut down illegal brothels.


7 thoughts on “Australian Private Investigators Hired to Have Sex at Brothels

  1. As one of the leading detective agencys in Australia and well aware of the current cases above, i can assure that there was no unprotected sex taking place. The unprotection relates to hand relief by sex workers and NOT intercourse.

  2. I can understand the “having sex” part, but not the “unprotected” part. Surely they are only getting blow jobs or something.

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