Arkansas State Police reports – Florida attorney disciplinary actions online

A change in state law now enables the Arkansas State Police to release criminal history reports to anyone who has a signed release from the subject. Reports are available for a fee, instantaneously, through the Online Criminal Background Check System.

The Florida Bar has integrated attorney disciplinary actions into its online profiles of attorneys. Documents of recent actions can be viewed but all older cases (3000+) have yet to be scanned. This article describes the type of records available.

Lawyers who have received an admonishment, reprimand, suspension, or disbarment (including resignations for disciplinary reasons) in the prior 10 years will have that information noted on their biography page of the Bar’s Web site.

The site requires a search by name to identify disciplinary actions. A hit returns a description of actions taken and a file number. On recent 2007 closed cases, the file number will link to images. The results look like this:

Florida Bar.jpg

A search on “disciplinary actions” within the Florida Bar News returns a list of links by date of filings since 2002. Add an individual name and get the Bar News reports on that attorney.


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