~ Are You Searching Blogs? ~

~ Are You Searching Blogs? ~ The Pew Internet Project just released a short summary study of blogs, and the people who blog them. Factoids: 8 million people are blogging or have a personal diary on the web; 12 percent of internet users are commenting on blog entry’s. This is a fruitful area for information gathering and competitive intelligence. [Thanks to Searchblog for showing me the way to this item.] Almost all of the detailed background I developed on one subject in a case came from piecing together all his internet posts. His marriage. His divorce. Why he moved. Where he’s working…

Continuing on the topic of blog news…
Infomaniac gave PI News Link a kind mention in her December posting: “links to interesting public records information.” And head over to Crime & Federalism for some good, healthy back and forth on the merits of PI licensing. Many from the gang are there, blowing off some thoughtful steam, if steam can be thoughtful.


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