Archival sources – video, film, news, print

Archival news and film footage, along with stock film (bad weather…), service. Search across all sources by keywords and get a synopsis of the content of each document.

Vanderbilt University claims to house the largest collection of National network news., still in beta test, indexes radio and television broadcasts, searchable through a keyword index.

Many magazines and newspaper articles are archived on the internet. Time Magazine introduced its searchable database, which extends back to 1923. The free search only returns an annotation of the article but, then you can go to a major library (of which you are, of course, a card holder) index and often obtain the whole article. First try entering the title, in quotes, in an internet search. This will sometimes return a site that is distributing the article for free.

U.S. newspaper archives, on the internet, are organized by state, then publication, with inclusion dates and costs, if any, courtesy of the Special Libraries Association.

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