Alleged Jailbreaker Poses as Private Investigator

Here’s another example of a dumb criminal with a twist. It appears that two Mississippi men thought they could actually help free their buddy in a Wilkinson County jail using forged court documents with one of the men posing as a private investigator.

Now, the men are facing felony charges after their plan failed. It is alleged in a news report that Demario Walker, 23, of Prentiss told prison personnel Dec. 27 that he was a private investigator and offered a business card as proof. When officials at the prison run by Corrections Corp. of America asked for photo identification, Walker said he had lost it.

Correction officials were also alert to the fact that the two men were driving a 2004 Kia to supposedly transport the prisoner to another facility.

So, now we have to worry about criminals posing as PIs. It seems that everyone wants to become a private investigator. Who’ll be next?


3 thoughts on “Alleged Jailbreaker Poses as Private Investigator

  1. As a professional Detective Investigator in the business I am pleased to read that these criminals are put behind bars, so that this will set an example for those who think that they can impersonate true professionals like us all who respect, admire, and respond to clients needs in the most caring and investigative ways we know how.

  2. Another idiot that will screw things up for the rest of us. I am a former special police officer commissioned by the Governor of Ohio and CSS for Burns Int’l. Security Services and as a person who has been licensed in the business this makes me HOT.

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    Private Investigator
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