Advertising of personal information sales is ubiquitous – look for legislation targeting other types of data sales

Some of the news sites that are writing about the solicitation of personal information and telephone call records from the telecommunications company are getting advertising revenue from businesses that sell these records on the Internet. These rotating ads are provided by Google Adsense and the placement sites have little control over which specific products or services appear. The recent article in Wired, Devious Tactic Snags Phone Data, lists an advertisement for DetectivesUSA. But the each time you visit the Wired site a different set of promotional links may appear, changing with the click of the mouse. The DetectivesUSA site offers landline and cell records to the general public.

The Missing Amendment has a list of the news articles on privacy and personal information.

The debate over the sale of personal information will continue in the courts and within regulatory agencies, targeting other forms of data sales, such as residential addresses associated with postal and private mailboxes.


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