50 States’ and D.C.’s Workers’ Compensation Agencies

The North Carolina Industrial Commission maintains an updated directory of links and addresses for workers’ compensation agencies, including worker compensation courts, and vocational rehabilitation, administrative hearings, oversight and appeals boards. In addition to the detailed listings for the U.S. Department of Labor and all 50 states, there are links to other regions: American Samoa, Guam, Navajo Nation, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.


6 thoughts on “50 States’ and D.C.’s Workers’ Compensation Agencies

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  3. The only workers who may come under federal workers’ compensation laws are those workers covered under the longshore and harbor workers’ act. All other workers in this country are covered under the state law in the state within which they reside. In your daughter’s case, if she was not covered by the employer, then she should be able to collect under the state laws as they pertain to “SDI” which is state disability insurance. It may go under a different name in your state. Additionally, the “SDI” insurance is commonly regulated by your state’s Labor commission and/or your state’s Employment Development Department.

  4. Do you know where I can find out if there are any Federal Laws that govern or could be found as ‘precedent’ for Worker’s Comp cases? My daughter was injured (permanent injuries) while working at a horse breeding ranch in Wisconsin. They had no worker’s comp because farms are exempt if they meet certain criteria (which is being questioned if they qualified) so my daughter is out of luck for any kind of financial help. Whenever I search under ‘Federal’ I just get hits for Federal workers. I love your newsletter emails. I can’t believe how ambitious you must be and you seem so knowledgeable. Other than paying for LexusNexus, I don’t know where else to turn. My daughter has an attorney but because she is an adult I can’t discuss much with him about her case so have been doing my own research. Can you help steer me in the right direction? Please?

    Thank you. Keep up the good work!
    Janet Ross-Pilla

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