Must Have Desert Island Websites for Private Investigators

Must Have Desert Island Websites for Private Investigators are a few useful, everyday research Websites. It’s a starting point.

While lounging on your desert island waiting to be rescued, or not, you’ll be wirelessly surfing the Internet. Many of you sent me your sites of necessity, from which I’ve compiled this short collection of everyday information sites that have free or low fee access.

Finding services and places featured prominently in your suggestions. Use the USPS database, searchable by city and state, to pull up a list of physical locations of post offices and their fax numbers. Fax your Request for Change of Address or Boxholder Information Needed for Service of Legal Process form to obtain or update the street address of a mailbox holder for Service of Process.

When you need to venture out of the office you’ll want to know all things atmospheric: severe weather, fire danger, air and water temperature, and snow predictions. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Web site has an extensive set of tools for weather and climate historical research.

Instead of stumbling around, find the county and state associated with a place name or zipcode and identify all the states in which there is a particular county or city name.

After all these necessities are in order, you may want to connect to a government agency or to government generated information through the primary government portal USAGov. Wikipedia has a list of courts of the United States, their hierarchical systems and Web site links. The State and Local Government Internet directory provides access to the websites of state agencies and city and county governments. home page of a state, county or local government Web site.

Whether you choose to go to a government agency to conduct your public records research or you carry it out online may depend on what’s available. Anyway, while you’re on the desert island you’ll want to use the Internet. First you need to determine if an agency – court, Recorder of Deeds Assessor, Building Department, Vital Records, to name a few, – have their records online. Search Systems has the largest, most current directory of free public records links on the Internet. This site directly connects you to the search page; you don’t have to hunt from the agency home page to find the link to the public records.

Search across multiple free reverse telephone and address sites at Argali. The free service is splashed with ads but the low-cost version is only $30/year.

The group edited encyclopedia, Wikipedia, helps you sharpen the concepts you’re trying to convey in your reports. Finedictionary has definitions from 4 dictionaries , illustrations, example sentences, interesting facts, quotations, idioms and etymology as well as related words.


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