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These are links to sites that distinguish – through a separate Web page or a label – between old and new content related to public records databases, public records directories, media collections of public records and investigative articles.

Investigative Articles

John Reid Associates – What’s New


Librarians’ Internet Index – New This Week
CT Library – New At feed

National Genealogical Records

Ancestry.com – What’s New

RootsWeb – What’s New

World Vital Records – Recently Added Databases

National Public Records

Search Systems – Public Records Directory – New Sites

Appriss VineLink – County and State inmates – New States

State and Federal Government Records

The National Archives – Access to Archival Databases – What’s New

Government Resources On the Web – University of Michigan Library Documents Center – What’s New

US Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics – New Publications

Federal Law Enforcement Agencies – What’s New

State Public Records – Media Collections

Newspapers have databases of public records that they have obtained from government agencies. I collect links to government public salary databases that provide the name or name and salary of employees and workers who are collecting pensions. These are hosted at government, newspaper and government watchdog association sites. The media websites with government employee pay databases often have other databases that can assist with due diligence and asset investigations: crime incidents, court filings, delinquent taxpayers, birth death and marriage recordings, arrests, new property transfers, unclaimed money and campaign contributions. Peruse the salary links to get to the websites for some of these other data sources.


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