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Top posts in the past 6 months

Myspace and Flickr for Photo Search

Instagram for Investigations

Find a Federal Employer Identification Number

Find People On Social Networks By Email

50 state guide to open records laws

Social Security Death Index Now Restricted

View Full 3rd Degree Profiles on LinkedIn for Free

Find Government Employees and Salaries

Is the Asset a Manufactured Home?

Online Photo and Name Matching

Military Discharge Records in County Recorder Index

I started posting “My Favorite Private Investigator Links” weekly. You can search all of the ones I’ve collected over the past few years at this site. They’re also posted in real time at the Twitter site OaklandPI.

Old But Still Good
Posts that don’t appear on the Home page often get lost over time. These are still searchable by keyword in the site search engine. You can also access them by month from the “Archives” section or by topic from “Categories” in the left sidebar.

Other Places To Find Me
Tamara Thompson Investigations business website.

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Content that doesn’t prompt a posting but is still valuable often finds a home at the PI buzz Twitter site, on Facebook, Linkedin or Google+.

I try not to be redundant, so if you follow me on all the different sites you won’t get recycled material. Even if that is good for the planet.

So Good It Must Be Repeated
The following announcement is for new subscribers and for the rest of you who may have forgotten.

My most recent writing is on the PIbuzz Home page and listed under “Recent Posts”. The section titled “Resources” has custom search engines of different online records that allow you to retrieve content across multiple websites from one search. California Cities and California Newspapers help narrow your searches to the websites I’ve included there. The Government Employees page links to government and newspaper databases of government employees and their salaries. A good source for determining place of employment and assets. The Genealogy page isn’t just for family history research but includes links to websites that generalist private investigators will find valuable.

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I welcome comments and encourage you to respond to other people’s queries, which are sometimes pleas for assistance finding people. If you fashion yourself a writer or have a point of view that fits with the themes of PI buzz, float a proposal my way for a guest posting.

You can reach me at info@pibuzz.com.

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