PI buzz Alert – March 2011

It has been a while since I sent a note to subscribers, but here it is. Or if you’re a new subscriber none of that matters, right? In any case, read on.

Finding Your Way Around
I redesigned PIbuzz.com but all the content is still here. Use the search box to retrieve postings including a keyword or phrase, or the appropriate category link to find subject-linked postings. Readers actually do this. I was surprised when one of my colleagues referred another to my post on whether probation reports are public records. I wrote that in 2005 and had no memory of it.

Links, Databases and Search Engines
My most recent writing is on the PIbuzz Home page and listed under “Recent Posts”. Big surprise. But take a look at the section titled “Resources.” I have custom search engines of different public records that allows you to retrieve content across multiple websites from one search. California Cities and California Newspapers help narrow your searches to content at the websites I’ve included there. Over the past 5 years, bit-by-bit, I’ve built links to government and newspaper databases of government employees and their salaries. I’ve used this in due diligence, asset research and juror and witness backgrounding investigations.

Content that doesn’t prompt a posting but is still valuable often finds a home at the PI buzz Twitter site or one of two Facebook pages. For more overload, you can get tips on search techniques from this Twitter site.


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