PI buzz Alert – Dec 2011

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I wondered what topics I covered this year so I wrote a post that highlights them: Private Investigator buzz in 2011 – search strategies, public records, database pitfalls.

Each month, I summarize the research links I’ve added, which can be found in the left sidebar under “Recent Posts.”

Old But Still Good
Posts that don’t appear on the Home page often get lost over time. These are still searchable by keyword in the site search engine.

Unrestrained Self-Promotion
I did get a new bike, at the end of summer, which went on longer than usual and we’ve had wonderful clear days, which have extended the riding season. But most of the time I’m molded to my office chair, staring at the computer, talking on the phone, thinking, researching and writing reports for attorneys and other PI’s. This year much of my work was dedicated to financial industry due diligence investigations, profiling the background of company executives. A major pension fund hired me to develop family genealogies and track down potential beneficiaries. I continued locating people — witnesses and lawsuit defendants — and identifying the place of employment of judgment debtors. And I enabled family reunions of adoptive parents and their relinquished birth children.

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